Let’s redefine success

In order for us to discuss a successful recovery, we must first define (or re-define) what “success” means. For a successful recovery to occur the family as a whole will be supported and provided with strength, courage and resources in which to move forward. There will be clinically recommended support and levels of care provided for the entire family system as a whole not just the identified member who may be struggling. Truthfully, the disease of addiction and mental health affects the family system as a whole. In order to have a successful recovery we need to look at what we are willing to support for the overall health and wellness of the family system and what behaviors we are no longer willing to overprotect or further enable. If nothing changes, nothing changes. That is what we will look to change, even if in the slightest way in which to move forward and become unstuck and thus have a successful outcome.   

My mission is to help my clients create the life they have envisioned and to have hope again. Let’s explore the paths that have led to this point in life and have created your unique “self”.  Come walk with me….


I am a master’s level licensed counselor, a board-certified interventionist, case therapist, Soberlink® monitor, licensed first-responder therapist and does family rebuild weekends. I have also helped created a relapse prevention track program and a sober recovery coaching program. I have a private practice in the western suburbs of Chicago but can also arrange to come to you. 

  • CADC – Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor – # 23344
  • LCPC – Licensed Professional Counselor – # 178.004519
  • SASSI – Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory Certified
  • DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy trained  – (60+ hours)
  • ARISE – A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement (Arise Intervention Certified) – 2004
  • Love First – A calm method to address a loved one’s addiction
  • Johnson Model Johnson Intervention Model Trained/Mentored – 2004



An intervention (a.k.a. family meeting) is a forward moving process in which to disrupt a downward spiral of crisis.


Coaching can benefit both behavioral and mental health clients and involves structured mentoring, support and guidance.


Psychotherapy is a powerful, time-honored and proven method of helping people change the way they feel and manage their lives.

Clinical Transport

Safe travel assistance for an individual going into or returning from treatment to his/her recovery environment.

Certified First Responder
Clinician (CFRC)

Specialty trained in the culture and unique needs of the first responders and law enforcement officers.

Family Rebuild Weekends

Start the healing process for entire family system through education, referrals, resources, group work, individual work and more.

Private Practice

Help others overcome and work through personal obstacles by developing the skills they need. I used a variety of methods to bring healing. I have experience with individuals, families and adolescents in a private practice setting.