New, family weekend intensives.

What is a family weekend intensive? 

A family weekend intensive begins with an individualized family history gathering session. This information is used
to design a specific intensive program, measuring the level of function of a family and the motivation for change. The family intensive weekend will last two to two and a half days. In this time the family receives education, interactive skill building, support and guidance. They will also learn new healthy and effective coping skills and
an understanding of the family dynamic as a whole not just an individual. During the family intensive weekend
family members have the opportunity for one-on-one time and interacting in a group setting.

Where would this take place?

Family intensive weekends can take place in the privacy of family’s own home environment. Using the home environment is a tool for building new strategies for a healthy family system and boundary setting.

Who is this right for?

  • A family system willing to make a commitment towards improvement and healing while their loved one is working hard in treatment or extended care
  • Families needing individualized intense work 
  • Those unable to emotionally or physically attend a structured family program 
  • Family systems preparing for a loved one to return home from treatment to help support home environment 
  • A family preparing to attend a structured family program

How is this done?

  • Healthy skills education
  • Resource, referrals and ongoing support for individual family members and family system as a whole 
  • Provide understanding of concerns and solutions to issues that keep a family system stuck
  • Provide a framework of family support and recovery 
  • Opportunity for individual family members to discover new skills to carry over in a positive way 
  • Commitment amongst family system to make new changes—if nothing changes nothing changes 
    • Change = awareness + new action 
    • Ask family system: Am I willing to change?
  • Family system will feel they are not alone in this dynamic, that they are being led by support,
    compassion and empathy 

Why is this important?

This is an opportunity to treat the whole family system. Everyone is given a chance to do their own work and better support each other in the future.