• Provide and arrange all travel planning and logistics
  • Used for many cases, including: substance use, process addiction, eating disorders and mental health disorders
  • Assist in the safe clinical travel with 17 years of trained experience as a former flight attendant and currently as a licensed clinical professional counselor and master’s level, certified addictions and mental health counselor
  • Offer guidance, companionship and safety 
  • Peace of mind for families, support network and individual that a safe and a professional clinical transport will be provided
  • Ability to provide clinical transports nationally or internationally


Understanding the components of Clinical Transports


  • A licensed clinician who SAFELY transports patient/client to:
    • Initial treatment
    • Between levels of care
    • After treatment
  • A licensed clinical transporter will work closely with treatment providers gathering history data
  • A licensed clinical transporter will provide assessment information to family and treatment providers
  • Provides non-emergency support 
  • Skill set if the situation turns into an emergency or more acute and will know what steps to take for safety
  • For highly complex cases the clinical transporter will understands the specific components to avoid putting the patient and clinician at risk 
  • Typically provides safe support within 24-48 hours
  • Flexible in schedule to accommodate early discharges and/or overnight accommodations
  • Understands the logistics and details for all travel arrangements


  • The call 
  • Gather information
  • Timing and end goal
  • Contract
  • Travel arrangements
  • A confirmed meeting
  • Gather contacts 
  • Provide ongoing assessments to all family and providers


  • Clinical level care
  • Safety
  • Companionship
  • Security
  • Accountability and trust
  • Peace of mind for families, providers and patient
  • Professional expertise

Once the decision has been made for an individual suffering from behavioral health issues to accept and enter into treatment the very important question may arise regarding how the client will arrive safely to treatment. This question is again often brought up upon the client’s successful completion of treatment. How will this client will be transported safely back to their home environment or to their next level of recommended/extended care treatment?

Safe travel can be extremely difficult and challenging for individuals entering into or leaving treatment as well as for their families. Due to various physical and/or emotional reasons, the transporting of a loved one may not be an appropriate role for family members.

As a master’s level, licensed clinician with over seventeen years of experience in the field of mental health and addiction, I offer clinical support, encouragement and companionship during this crucial and critical time. Individuals and families work extremely hard with the treatment centers in finalizing the details of an admission and/or discharge. However, unless a clinical transport component is addressed and streamlined it could be the difference between a successful treatment admission or safe discharge, even to the extent of a continued downward spiral or potential relapse.

As a former flight attendant, I understand how to use travel to be able to address the safety and medical needs of those who I am clinically transporting. In addition, I personally assist and arrange the travel details ahead of time so that there is one less stressor for families and individuals. Throughout the entire transport process, I am able to provide the treatment facility and family support system with necessary on-going updates in order to keep everyone involved with the most current information.

Please consider using Heartfelt Recovery for a licensed clinical transport for someone entering into treatment or upon discharge to ensure a safe journey and smooth transition.