Meredith Sonetz  MA, LCPC, CADC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I provide clinical transport services to individuals going into and coming out of treatment. In addition, I continue to see patients in my own private practice setting within the western suburbs of Chicago. I am grateful for the path I have travelled as it has given me the strength, hope and experience in which to pass along to those I get the privilege of working with.

My mission is to help my clients create the life they have envisioned and desire. I explore the paths that have led them to this point in their life and have created this unique “self”. The choices we make in every aspect of our life, including relationships and career has to do with our past experiences and encounters. By exploring those paths, I learn how to take the positive lessons and change the unhealthy perceptions in order to create a fulfilling present.



My Journey . . .

Growing up in an alcoholic home I learned about alcoholism at a very young age, so when I picked up my first drink of alcohol, I not only knew about what I was doing, but also how the alcohol made me feel and the affects it had on me. I completed high school in 3 years, was on varsity sports and went on to and completed college. I didn’t drink every day, however when I drank I couldn’t stop. I blacked out every time I drank. My drinking progressed from abusive to dependent and led to several consequences, losses and unmanageability in my life. My drinking compromised relationships and went against my own value system.

In 1996, after an intervention and a “geographic move”, I made the decision to seek help and get sober. Once sober, my life began to get better, relationships got stronger and I felt happier and more secure in my own skin. During my recovery, I followed the instructions of those with multiple years of sobriety, for example, it was recommended to attend 90, 12-step Alcoholic Anonymous meetings in 90 days, and so that is what I did. I had an Alcoholic’sAnonymous 12-step meeting that was called my“home group”, I attended women’s meetings, 12- Step Big Book meetings and participated in annual and semiannual AA 12- step retreats. It was through recovery that I found my passion of wanting to give back to those individuals and families struggling with the disease of addiction and mental health.

However, I knew I needed a foundation of recovery before following this passion, so after 5 years of sobriety, I decided to go back to school to obtain my certificate of alcohol and other drug counselor. My path continued on with further schooling in which I completed post-graduate work with a degree in masters in counseling. As the field of recovery evolved, the services I provided grew as well. Through the years, my 10 years’ experience has given me the opportunity to work as a board-certified,trained interventionist working with families in crisis providing them and their loved ones support and guidance in offering clinically appropriate treatment for addiction and mental health issues.

My experience has allowed me the opportunity to work in a treatment setting as a case therapist and help to create a relapse prevention track program, as well as, a sober recovery coaching program. These programs offer help to those individuals coming out of treatment in which to provide assistance, advocacy and support for their sobriety by encouraging them to utilize the tools and skills learned in treatment, as well as, holding them accountable.

Come walk with me . . .