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Meredith Sonetz  MA, LCPC, CADC

My mission is to help my clients create the life they have envisioned and desire. I explore the paths that have led them to this point in their life and have created this unique “self”. The choices we make in every aspect of our life, including relationships and career has to do with our past experiences and encounters.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I provide clinical transport services to individuals going into and coming out of treatment. In addition, I continue to see patients in my own private practice setting within the western suburbs of Chicago. I am grateful for the path I have travelled as it has given me the strength, hope and experience in which to pass along to those I get the privilege of working with.



    An intervention (a.k.a. family meeting) is a forward moving process in which to disrupt a downward spiral of crisis.


    Coaching can benefit both behavioral and mental health clients and involves structured mentoring, support and guidance.


    Psychotherapy is a powerful, time-honored and proven method of helping people change the way they feel and manage their lives.

Clinical Transport

    Safe travel assistance for an individual going into or returning from treatment to his/her recovery environment.

Addiction Treatment

    Addiction is an illness in which there is a pattern of misuse of a drug, problems with social life or work.

  • My thankfulness for Meredith Sonetz Recovery program exceeds any feeling that I have ever felt in my life. You literally loved me back to health.


  • We watched our son spiral down for years. We tried everything in our power to help our son was dying before our eyes. What my son learned and experienced during the 3 months that he was in Heartfelt Recovery has resulted in nothing short of a miracle. He has returned to college healthy and happy in his ongoing Recovery. There are not sufficient words in the English vocabulary to express our heartfelt gratitude.

    Mrs. G.



Meredith Sonetz, MA, LCPC, CADC


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